Read instructions thoroughly before use!

Caution: HALAWA® should not be used on skin that is sunburnt, cut, chapped, or sore; nor over weak scars or varicose veins, moles or warts or after peeling. It should not be used by anyone with loose skin. Do not sunbathe or use sunbed for at least 8 hours before or after use.

Use HALAWA® on sensitive areas only when you have perfected the technique elsewhere e.g. on your legs. Slight momentary discomfort is normal. This is reduced by fast removal from taut skin. Red spots may show but will disappear within a short time. If irritation continues, discontinue use.

Keep the strip as close to the skin as possible. Do not pull off upwards.

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The skin must be dry and oil free. If necessary dust with powder.

When stored at room temperature HALAWA® has a pliable consistency and is ready to use. If too soft, place the closed tub in the fridge until just pliable. If too firm, gently heat in an bowl with warm water. Avoid any humidity entering the tub.

Test temperature on back of your hand before applying (37°C recommended).

Cut strip to size required. Leave 5 cm free of HALAWA® at the end of the strip to make a handle to pull with.

Application: Legs

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With the back of a spoon or using your thumb apply thinly on your skin in the direction of hair growth.
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Press the strip on top of HALAWA®, massaging thoroughly. Holding the skin taut with one hand, immediately pull the strip back on itself in the opposite direction to hair-growth, keeping very close to the skin.
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Strip can be reapplied by folding it in the middle, working it vigorously with the fingertips. Open the strip. Press it onto the next area. Repeat procedure until all unwanted hair is removed. To treat your legs you will need 1 or 2 strips.

Armpits and bikini zone

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1. The skin must be dry and free from greasy substances. Dust with powder!

2. Cut hair to 1 cm length, it necessary.

3. Armpits must always be treated in two stages (see diagram).

4. Press strip onto the area where HALAWA® has been applied, massage thoroughly and pull off the strip inwards with one very quick movement.

5. Wash immediately with ice-cold water.

6. Wait for at least 24 hours before applying deodorants.

After application

Wash off HALAWA® with lukewarm water and refresh skin with a cold rinse. Apply Aloe Vera Gel to cool skin.

Strips can be washed, dried and reused many times. HALAWA® dissolves by itself in warm water.


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Tweezer grip

With a small amount of HALAWA® between thumb and forefinger you can pull out individual hairs.

Experienced users of HALAWA® can roll and pull it without a strip directly onto the skin.